The One Unique Solutions Company Card

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For All Your Staff Spending

The One Unique Solutions Company Card

How to gain total visibility and control over your business spending with your
prepaid One Unique Solutions company spending card.

Every business needs to spend – whether it’s to build your inventory or to carry out general, everyday business expenditure. Your One Unique Solutions Company Card is designed for businesses of all kinds – across the globe.

You need a Company Card that will support your managers – helping them to spend their budgets more effectively. You need pre-paid company cards that you can track and control in every way necessary.

Your One Unique Solutions Company Cards will provide massive benefits to your employees – no more traditional credit card hassle.


Applying For Your Pre-paid Company Card Is So Easy

Using Your Company Cards

Total Spending Control Via Your Dashboard

For Small Businesses Or Even Solo Professionals

Get Back Financial Control Of Your Company Spending.

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* Before you make any purchases with your One Unique Solutions Company Cards, make sure you have enough available funds on your account. Otherwise, your transaction could be declined.