The One Unique Solutions Company Card

Your Personal Pre-paid Company Card

Control | Efficiency | Visibility

The One Unique Solution

for your Employees

  • No credit checks
  • A simpler life - no more using your personal cards and then filling in fiddly expenses forms
  • Spend* at 32,000,000 locations worldwide
  • As easy to use as any other card - online or out in the real world
  • Misplace or lose your card. Don’t worry! It can be instantly blocked or unblocked.

The One Unique Solution

for your Organisation

  • Extra peace of mind with optional two-step account verification
  • Cards designed with your company’s branding reinforces and boosts your profile
  • Stay secure - lost card? No problem. Simply block it or unblock it from the dashboard
  • Approve or decline requests for top-ups
  • Instantly adjust, up or down, card spending limits
  • Add extra cards when you need them
  • Instantly block or unblock lost or stolen cards
  • Up-to-the-minute view of spend, budget and remaining funds
  • Do you run a smaller business? Your One Unique Solutions will keep your business spending separate from personal spending - giving you a simpler, easier life.
  • Unrivalled Customer Service

The One Unique Solution

for your Finance Department

  • Simply transfer funds to your Company Cards as and when they’re needed
  • No more waiting for credit card statements before you can match receipts to purchases
  • Use your dashboard to match receipts … in real-time
  • Real-time reporting means you know exactly how much is going out on each Company Card, as it happens!
  • Use your dashboard to see exactly where the money’s going. Filter by category - travel, networking, marketing, training etc. - by currency or by date.
  • Export all the spending data direct to your accounts software
  • Avoid the pitfalls of currency fluctuations. Top up your Company Cards in GBP, USD or Euros.


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For every 100 cards you order you’ll earn 5 FREE CARDS!

You’ll be able to take advantage of our simple, straightforward fee structure – a single annual overall company fee plus a small fee for each Company Card. Find out more about

GBP Pounds Sterling Account

  • Paid upon account opening via a PayPal invoice to the named company on the account
£ 250
per account
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GBP Currency Card

  • You’ll receive an automatically generated PayPal invoice on the 1st of each month.
£ 27
per month
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* Before you make any purchases with your One Unique Solutions Company Cards, make sure you have enough available funds on your account. Otherwise, your transaction could be declined.